Anglia News Speaks To Essex Man With A Van About Thatcherism

ITV Anglia News screenshotToday Luke Farrington @LFarringtonITV from Anglia News interviewed me for a news piece on how Margaret Thatcher, who died yesterday, provided an economy which allowed entrepreneurs, such as myself, to take greater control of their careers.

Partial transcript of the News Clip:

Narrator: “Pete Wade is a modern day man with a van. He grew up under Margaret Thatcher”

Pete Wade: “I was a child of the 80’s. I have a lot of memories of Margaret Thatcher and what she did for the country. I gotta say, a majority of them are fond memories. I thought she was a fantastic leader of our country through some hard difficult times. She set a true example for all future leaders“.

Narrator: “People like Pete were the poster children of Thatcherism – if you work hard, you were rewarded“.

Narrator: “Essex man got in his van, went to work and reaped the rewards. And it’s an idea that has not been abandoned since. It is hard to underestimate the extent to which Thatcherism ensures to this very day”.

From ITV News site today:

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